I don't have a Pressy yet, but I do have a question!

Technical stuff

Does Pressy work with an iPhone or Windows Phone?

At the moment (and in the foreseeable future) Pressy is only available for Android phones. Sorry iPhone and Windows phone users...

Can I play music, use the speaker or talk on my phone when Pressy is plugged in?

Yes, the phone will act completely normal when Pressy is plugged in, making phone calls and listening to music will work as usual.

Will Pressy fit in my case?

Yes. Pressy is designed to fit in any standard case, and is just as wide as any headphone jack at a diameter of 5.5 mm. The final Pressy product will extend 1.8mm above the phone surface, which will make it reachable also when using a case.

Do I need to wake and/or unlock my phone before I can use Pressy?

Your device's screen does not have to be turned on when using Pressy, Pressy can trigger any action when your phone is in standby mode.

And what if I have a PIN or combination lock?

Well, then it depends.

Actions that do not require any screen interaction such as snapping a photo, turning on your flashlight or sending a message will work just fine. The ones that do, such as launching your navigation app, will work, but would require you to unlock your screen in order to see what's going on.

Which Android devices is Pressy compatible with?

We're working non-stop to adapt Pressy to as many Android devices as possible, here's the current list:

  • All Samsung devices and tablets
  • Nexus 7 (2013 version!)
  • Nexus 10
  • Nexus One/S/Galaxy Nexus/4/5/5X/6P
  • HTC one S/X/M7/M8/Mini
  • LG G2/3/4
  • LG V10

For the time being, Pressy is not compatible with the following devices:

  • Sony Xperia Z1/Z2/Z3
  • Nexus 7 1st gen (2012)
  • LG L70
  • Motorola Droid Razr HD/Maxx HD
What if I want to use my headphones?

In case you want to use your headphones, pop Pressy out and place it in it's special holder, and in case your headphones have a media button, you will be able to trigger any action using the media button as Pressy!

How do I get the Pressy app?

The Pressy app will be available for downloading through the Google Play store, and will be free for those who bought Pressy.

Ordering Pressy

What's the status of my order?

If you got the confirmation email from us that your order has been received, then you are good to go. We keep track of all the orders and once we start shipping we will let you know by email that your order is out

My credit card bill shows "MONEYBOOKERS", what's going on here?

We currently have two payment providers, PayPal and Moneybookers (Skrill). In case you checked out with Skrill your credit card bill will show "MONEYBOOKERS" as the business, there's no need to worry.

Can I buy Pressy anywhere else?

At the moment Pressy can only be purchased online. You can either buy it from our website or through Amazon.

I want to modify my order (color, quantity, etc). How do I do that?

There is no option to change the order details on the customer side. Please send us an email to support@pressybutton.com with your request and we'll make it happen.

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I already have a Pressy, and I need help using it.

Using Pressy

Getting Started

Got your shiny new Pressy in the mail? Amazing - now let's set it up

1 - Download the Pressy app from the play Store by searching for “Pressy” or through this link.

2 - Run the app, if asked for the activation code type the 8 digit code attached to the packaging or scan the QR code. You will find it here:


3 - Plug Pressy in the headset jack of your device (where you would connect your headphones normally).

4 - Set Pressy as the default handler for Presses. This will allow the Pressy app to receive inputs from the button.

5 - Press “Set as default”, and in the following screen choose “Pressy” and “Always”.


6 - Practice using the button, follow the on screen instructions and press Pressy accordingly.

That’s it, you’re good to go!

Adding a new action

In order to add a new action follow these simple steps:

1 - Tap the "+" Sign to add a new Action

2 - Choose the action type, for example - toggling your flashlight

3 - Name your new action, or leave it with the defaulted name

4 - Choose which trigger will activate the action.

5 - Short lines stand for a short press and long ones for a long press, in the example we choose one short press

6 - Tap the "V" sign to confirm that you are done

Editing, pausing or deleting an action

In order to edit an action tap it on the list.

In order to delete or pause an action, swipe it to the right. Paused actions will not be activated by Pressy even if their trigger is pressed. In order to resume slide the action to the right again and press the Play arrow.


I cannot set Pressy as default on my Samsung device

If you don't see Pressy in the "Set as default" menu please follow these steps:

1 - Go to the phone's settings menu

2 - Tap "Application Manager"

3 - Select the "All" tab and scroll down to find S-voice

4 - Tap the S-voice app and select "Disable" or "Turn off" (depending on your model)

5 - Return to the Pressy app, now you will be able to set it as default for long presses.

6 - In case that didn't help, return to step 3 and look for "Google Search" app, then disable it too the same way you did with the S-Voice.

On my HTC M8 / M7 two short presses raise an "Invalid MMI Code" error

This bug is fixed for version 1.0.9 and later, please check that you have an updated version of the app.

When Pressy is plugged to my phone all the audio is muted

Please make sure the Pressy app is installed on your device, without it Pressy will not activate any actions and all audio will be directed into the button instead of the speakers. In order to download and install the app please visit this link.

Pressy is not working on my iPhone/BlackBerry/Windows Phone

Pressy is only compatible with Android smartphones, it will not work with any other mobile device. If you have been misled to think Pressy will work on your device please let us know.

I can't download the Pressy app

Pressy works for android versions 2.3.6 and above. Androids with older version than that will not be able to download and install Pressy. Check which version your phone has installed using this guide.

I can't use my headphones since I have installed the Pressy app

When connecting a device into the headphone jack you will be asked whether the device is Pressy or headphones. When using headphones, please choose the "headphones" option. If you wish to trigger Pressy actions with the headphones media button select "Headphones + Pressy" Icon.

I lost my activation code

The activation code is found inside the Pressy packaging. In case you have lost your activation code before activating the app, please send us an email to support@pressybutton.com and we will help you restore it.

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