Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Pressy

Technical stuff

Does Pressy work with an iPhone or Windows Phone?

At the moment (and in the foreseeable future) Pressy is only available for Android phones. Sorry iPhone and Windows phone users...

Can I play music, use the speaker or talk on my phone when Pressy is plugged in?

Yes, the phone will act completely normal when Pressy is plugged in, making phone calls and listening to music will work as usual.

Will Pressy fit in my case?

Yes. Pressy is designed to fit in any standard case, and is just as wide as any headphone jack at a diameter of 5.5 mm. The final Pressy product will extend 1.8mm above the phone surface, which will make it reachable also when using a case.

Do I need to wake and/or unlock my phone before I can use Pressy?

Your device's screen does not have to be turned on when using Pressy, Pressy can trigger any action when your phone is in standby mode.

And what if I have a PIN or cominbation lock?

Well, then it depends.

Actions that do not require any screen interaction such as snapping a photo, turning on your flashlight or sending a message will work just fine. The ones that do, such as launching your navigation app, will work, but would require you to unlock your screen in order to see what's going on.

What if I want to use my headphones?

In case you want to use your headphones, pop Pressy out and place it in it's special holder, and in case your headphones have a media button, you will be able to trigger any action using the media button as Pressy!

How do I get the Pressy app?

The Pressy app will be available for downloading through the Google Play store, and will be free for those who bought Pressy.

Ordering Pressy

Pre-order? I want it now!

We want you to have it too! Mass production has already begun, and once we are ready we will start shipping out all the Pressys. By pre-ordering your Pressy ahead of the official release you get a special discount, plus the right to own the first ever-made batch of Pressys.

What's the status of my order?

If you got the confirmation email from us that your order has been received, than you are good to go. We keep track of all the orders and once we start shipping we will let you know by email that your order is out, plus any tracking information you will need.

I moved since I placed my order, how do I change the shipping address?

Please write us to support@pressybutton.comand specify your new address, we will make the changes on our side.

My credit card bill shows "MONEYBOOKERS", what's going on here?

We currently have two payment providers, PayPal and Moneybookers (Skrill). In case you checked out with Skrill your credit card bill will show "MONEYBOOKERS" as the business, there's no need to worry.

Can I buy Pressy anywhere else?

At the moment Pressy is only available through our official online store (this one...).

I want to modify my order (color, quantity, etc). How do I do that?

There is no option to change the order details on the customer side. Please send us an email to with your request and we'll make it happen.